Tackling the Mundaring Powerlines

Jeep Owners Club held a run at the Mundaring Powerlines on the 10-05-2019. We all met up at 9:30am at Mundaring KFC where people geared up with lunch and drinks for the day. Come 10:00am we saddled up and started to head of up Great Eastern Highway to Flynn Rd where the run started. Everyone pulled into the track safely to start airing their tyres down. Everyone’s tyres are down and ready to roll out to the first obstacle which was a rutted hill. Shaun the trip leader told everyone that’s there’s a chicken track off the the right but was surprised that everyone followed behind him. As every individual went down they all had their little scares where their wheels were coming off the ground some a lot higher than others. As everyone made it down with no problems we carried onto the next eventful hill climb where everyone could put their cars to a little test. Steve was the last one up in his TJ, everyone was wondering why it took so long but he was trying to disconnect his sway bar when he realised that he had put the sway bar in the way of his steering damper there for couldn’t take it off. Around 11:30am we stopped to get lunch out of the way at a few hills were people could have a play. A few had their go then Shaun decided to have a go and managed to pop 2 beads on his tyres but didn’t bother him he just kept going as he always does. Lunch finished up and we carried on tackling more hill climbs. As the day got on, coming close to the end of the track we came upon the mud holes where sadly there was no mud to get dirty. Carrying on to the last hill climb a lot of people went around beside 4 cars Shaun lead the 4 cars up followed by Jake in his car were there was a lot of lifting the tyres off the ground but finally made it up then Daniel in his land cruiser then followed by Gary at the rear. The home stretch was just a nice easy gravel track to the finish where everyone aired up and was ready to head home. It was a good turn out with 12 cars and no major damages to any of the vehicles everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun. The Jeep Owners Club look forward to seeing you all again on the next run!

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