Lancelin to Wedge Is. Adventure

There were 10 cars turn up at the Bakery most were long standing members of the club and a couple of newbies keen to try out there 4 wheelers (a couple of Wranglers and a Prado) A driver briefing was held at 10:30am. We all met at the beach to deflate our tires and were soon following Gary with Dave and Tammy in the middle and Alyshia and Shaun tail end Charlie. It soon became obvious that this was going to be hard driving as most the beach had been washed away. We managed to get a couple of k's before the beach became impassable (dunes and water touching) so we went inland and back onto the beach where we could. Somehow, we ended up inside the old firing range. (I thought we were on the outside of the fence)

We got a CB message Alyshia’s car has broken a uni joint. By the time we turned around Shaun had already taken it out and replaced it with Jacob’s spare all fixed in about 20min. Awesome! We soon ran into the caretaker who said he had been watching us on the camera’s after some kind advice he opened the gate for us to use the Limestone track we kept going and arrived in Wedge approx. 3.30pm. Some headed up to the dunes for a play while others parked at the water’s edge to relax. By 5pm it was time to air up and take the bitumen road home.

There was hard beach driving, bush driving and Limestone roads, a good learning curve for the newbies and a refresher for some of us oldies. A good day had by all.

Watching the Sunset at Wedge

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