Harvey Dam

On Saturday the 25th of August the Jeep Owners Club of WA met across from Harvey Caltex at 9:30am. We started to make our way to Harvey Dam at 10am, turning onto Honeymoon Rd. We pulled off and parked up so we could all air down.

Once we were ready we headed in making our way to the first muddy hill. Shaun in his WJ made it up, next Alyshia tried but found herself caught up and not being able to reverse or drive forward. Shaun in his TJ winched Alyshia back enough for her to get free. Once she was free she tried again, unfortunately as she got further the hill became harder. We quickly decided that we would turn back and try another way as we were afraid some cars wouldn’t make it.

We went through some more muddy and rutted tracks. After we headed to the other side of the dam we found a spot to stop and have lunch and stretch our legs. We had to find a way around as the dam level has risen and most tracks next to the dam are under water. We all rounded up and went up another hill, with most of us making it up. Wayne had to be recovered and the ruts were too deep for his car. We eventually got him up with the help of our members guiding him up. Next Shaun went up another hill while we waited at the bottom, unfortunately he had to come back down as some trees have been fallen onto the track.

We made our way over towards TJ hill and Hitchhikers, where we parked up off the track and had a look at TJ hill. By this time it was 2:30pm so we decided we would start making our way out going up some more muddy and rutted hills. Once out we pulled up on the side of Honeymoon Rd and started airing up our tyres.

We all had a great day and no one broke anything, Thanks to everyone that came. along including visitors.

We look forward to our next trip.

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