Brunswick - Winter 4wheeling Action

On the 23rd of June 2018 the Jeep owners Club met up at the Harvey commonage for a 9:30am Departure heading down south to Brunswick Junction for a Day of wheeling. On departure from the commonage we had an awesome turn out of roughly 16 cars. Heading down the Southwest highway (HWY) towards Mornington Road we met up with a club member to then continue on till we reached Big Tree Road.

Upon arrival it was noticed that the ground was quite wet and with a 5Km drive on gravel road we decided to air down and have a quick group gathering to the side of the Gazetted road to inform everyone of what we were expecting for the day. With everyone informed and aired down we set off for the day on the tracks. Our first major obstacle was a creek crossing with a decent inclined hill in front of us. With everyone up the first hill unscathed we ventured on and soon came across what all members were after which was Brunswick mud. Going through the muddy sections was good fun a few people needed spotting as they had less modified vehicles but all went well.

We soon arrived at the outskirts near the boundary fences and continued on to the small creek crossing and little open area where we thought it would be a good chance to have a spot of lunch before hitting some hill climbs for the afternoon. some chose to have a play around in the mud ruts while others looked on. After lunch club President took those keen to try the notorious Big Daddy hill as named by Rohnny Dahl while myself and another member attempted the creek crossing which met up with the group on the other side. both cars made it through quite easily with no struggles and upon seeing others attempt on conquer the crossing a few others tried it as well.

It was now on to what most people were looking forward to which was Club President 'Shaun' attempting Bobs hill this was not all smooth going as he managed to find himself in a spot of bother on the way there so out came the snatch strap and a gentle pull backwards and we were moving again. we arrived at Bobs hill knowing full well there was a challenge on our hands. With the help of myself and Shaun's partner Alyshia we got him up with some small scratches and a broken window protector. the attempt took 2 hours of packing rocks and winching but we got there in the end.

It was now starting to get dark so we started our way down not without passing by Big Daddy one more time and taking the convoy down this hill one last time. We headed back out to Big tree Road and pulled up and commenced airing up. All in all it was a great day I believe everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time and are looking forward to plenty more winter southwest four wheeling action.

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