Day Trip to Wilbinga

Date: Sunday the 25th of February

Club Participants:

Trip Leader Gary Cox, Tail end Charlie Ursula Cox, Mick Tabram, Tom Brajdic and Jake Tomlinson

On Sunday the 25th of February, we met up at MacDonald’s in Wanneroo. With most members arriving early for the 9:30am start meant we had able time for a chat, coffee other treats before heading off.

Before setting off Gary gave the group the Pre Trip directions and we had a radio check as we formed up for an exit from the carpark.

Turning left on to Wanneroo Rd, we headed north approximately 50 km to Wilbinga Grove.

On arrival at Wilbinga Grove, we aired down in preparation for our day in on the sand. Most going down to 10 PSI.

Gary led us westwards along a range of sandy tracks some with rocky outcrops. On the way, we came across other four wheelers on the track who showed courtesy by pulling over and letting our group through.

Closer to the coast we had our first sand hill challenge. Gary showed us the way in the Grand Cherokee. Jake not too far behind. Mike and I need to drop our tyre pressure down a bit on our Wranglers to make up this one.

We continued heading westwards until we hit the coast. Looking left and right down the beach, there was no shortage other 4wders and families enjoying a pleasant day on the beach.

Driving along the beach, we came across a Toyota Lancruiser owner who was bogged. Gary assisted the young owner with friendly advice and with and a loan of his air gauge. It was good to see the Toyota crab crawl his way back on to a firmer part of the beach.

After that, we headed southwards moving between the beach and inlands tracks with Gary going ahead making sure the beach was safe for the group. Many parts of the beach had drop-offs.

Around 12:30 pm we stopped for lunch behind a sand hill before we headed southwards again.

It was not long before we had tackled another steep hill and a steep descent. We meandered our way southwards again. Gary stopped for a chat with another Jeep owner who happened to be one time JOCWA member.

It wasn’t long before we found our way somewhere near Yanchep. We aired up said our good goodbyes.

Thanks to Gary and Ursula for organising the day and all those who came. Everyone had fun.


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