Brookton Hwy Trip

On the 17th of December 2017 we met up at a truck stop on Brookton Hwy just outside of Karragullen. We then drove East on Brookton Hwy and turned down a gravel road. There was some muddy bits and some great hill climbs. Josh popped his sidewall on his tyre on a tree stump. Luckily he had a spare and the right tools to change his tyre. Once it was changed we went off again. We then proceeded to a hill climb with 4 or 5 sections, Josh and Alyshia made the first 3 sections. Kane was next to follow, on the third section he snapped his tie rod. We tried to fix it as best we could but unfortunately we couldn’t. We ended up having to leave his car there off to the side of the track for the night. Kane then went back the next day with another tie rod and fixed it.

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