Powerlines Trip

Saturday 26th November the club organised a run at the Powerlines in Mundaring. We met at KFC in Mundaring at 9:00am where we got greeted everyone including two visiots, AJ and Jake. We then headed off at 9:20am, driving along Great Eastern Hwy. Entering the Powerlines at Gorrie Road where we aired down.

Alyshia took the lead on this trip. There was some rutted tracks with easier tracks around most parts. We got to a very rutted hill that we had to go down, wheels were coming off the ground. There was a few hills for everyone to try.

We then moved on, we all took an easy track to the top of a difficult hill that Shaun wanted to try. Shaun made it to the top when his axle broke, making his wheel come off. We hooked up 3 cars and pulled his car to the side. Where we locked it up and continued with Shaun, Frank and Mitchell hoping into someone elses car.

We all had a try at a few more hills then stopped for lunch at the mud pits. Once lunch was down we continued on having some more fun. We reached the end of the track where we pumped our tyres up and headed home. Shaun went home got some spare parts he had and Frank, Dave, Shaun, Mitchell and Tammy all went back and helped fix his car and get it home.

All for all it was a great day, with a lot of laughs.

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