Brunswick Day Trip

Today Saturday the 12th of November some of our members headed out for a day run in Brunswick. Unfortunately our trip co-ordinator Frank didn't make it. We met at the Harvey servo at 9:00 and headed off at 9:20am. We all drove down to Brunswick in a convoy, stopping on a gravel road just before the track became interesting. We then aired down, headed down a rutted hill where we crossed a creek.

We then came up to the next lot of hill climbs where there was a lady who was stuck nose first into the mud heading down a hill. Shaun, Gary and Glenn hooked up there snatch straps and pulled her out to safety after trying to use Glenn and Shaun's winches. She had burnt out her clutch therefore had no gears so Glenn towed her car out to the main drag where she waited for a friend to come get her.

We stopped for lunch, then did some more 4wding. On our way out Gary drove over a fallen branch that wedged itself in the gap of his bullbar narrowly missing his radiator. We then aired up and had a bit of a chat then headed home.

It was a great day, we all had a lot of fun and it was full of laughter. Hopefully see you all at the next run! 😃

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