Commonage clean up

Hi All

Arrived at the Commonage Saturday morning,

Had a couple of large tree’s down one from South West Hwy on entrance track and the other near the Slippery Slide.

Thanks to Gary, Dave, Tammy, Shaun, Alyshia and our newest member Himanth for their help to

Clearing the entrance track using chainsaws and hard labour “Great Job”

Thankfully the wet weather held off and the sun popped out.

Dave took Himanth for a drive around the track and the commonage for a look.

Tammy got the fire started back at the bar while Shaun and Alyshia set to work with the BBQ very tasty.

Shaun and Alyshia brought Aliyah for her first camping trip she did so well so cute.

After dinner Himanth then set off back to Perth while we sat around enjoying the fire and conversation.

In the morning Gary cooked breakfast before we all headed home.

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