Harvey Trip

On Saturday the 17th of September 2016 a few of our members took a trip down the Harvey Dam. We met up at 9:00am across from the petrol station in Harvey departing at 9:20am.

We had a visitor come along on the trip, his name is Himanth but asked to be called HP. At the end of the trip he decided to join the club. Welcome to the club HP!

Once we departed we turned onto Honeymoon Road and followed it to one of the entrances into Harvey Dam. We then parked up and let our tyres down. We then made our way to the first hill where Shaun broke the cv joint on his front driveshaft. Once everyone made it up the hill Gary pulled Shaun up. At the top of the hill Shaun pulled his driveshaft out and took us to the dam where everyone could have a play while Shaun replaced the cv joint. Luckily he had a spare!

Once he had fixed his car we headed off to another hill right by the dam. It was challenging and muddy, thankfully there is a chicken track around that hill. Shaun tried to do the challenging side of the hill and his cv joint again decided to give way. Once again Gary pulled Shaun up the hill. By this time it was lunch, so we went to another spot at the dam. We all had lunch while Shaun had to take out his driveshaft this time leaving it out. Frank decided he would attempt a hill with water not once but twice. Both times not making it and having water go into his car wetting his carpet. Thankfully Alyshia was ready to help and pull Frank out both times.

Moving onto the next lot of hills, the next hill we all made it up with a little guidance for some. Then moving onto the next hill where there was some big rutts. Shaun attempted the hill in 2wd and had to stop as he heard a loud bang.

By this time it was 2:30 so we decided to call it a day and head to the Commonage. At the Commonage Shaun found out that he had chipped teeth off his spider gears in his rear diff. Gary and Ursh checked the water tank and seen that it was FULL! All the rain has paid off! There are also trees that have fallen down and been uprooted from some of the storms that have gone through.

We all then headed home, Shaun was able to drive his car home. Gary and Ursh followed Shaun all the way home. Thank you for that Gary and Ursh.

And thank you to everyone who came and made the day a great laugh. See you all at the next trip!

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